World restoration

US National Gallery Digital Collection - Oil on Canvas - The Candle and Night Market Art  Collection  Belgium and Euromasters- Petrus Van Schendel 1806-1870 Dutch-Belgian - Mercado de las Velas no. 04

In Session: Rex Intima: 26th of January 2017 – JC Angelcraft

Blessings to all people and readers of this one of many of our literary columns of free expression.

On my journey through world restoration, I reflect heavily on how media had so easily taken advantage of our sense of trust.

Flipping through the video Journal and digital diary of our world I see men in wigs with heavy and very bad makeup pretending to be Donald Trump and USC Quarterback “Rodney Pete” up to his shoulders in bureaucracy.

I wonder what it felt like to be Rodney Pete knowing the country of the United States of America and its president who he once protected and imitated was all at once a hoax?

I wonder about the many people around the world threatened by force and coercion to accept the white supremacy media campagne which daily we work hard at tearing down and bring each new group of conspirators to justice.

I find it hard to believe that anyone could fool themselves into thinking how such an evil and ruthless campagne which had no concern for truth or justice was ever going to succeed let alone be profitable.

In any event, this problem —at least for me— was over 7 years ago when I stopped watching TV and the conspiracy of lies only tuning in now and then to see if they were still up.

Today I tuned-in for a bit to the man with the bad hairpiece’s illegal and unconstitutional website and thought about how many men and women still support this in the light of all that I have written and in light of everything that contrasts with these lies such as the truth.

I am not partialy right, I am all the way right on everything that I have written and said about greek fraternal masonry ever since the begining.

Despite 7 years of hard work, the problem still exists and for me 1 bad website is to many, so let me take a quick breather here before I continue and with my struggle to bless you all of you and remind you to stay away from all things obama-trump and their equivilent in your part of the world.

May my Holy Spirit our God of No Name humble and true bless you and keep you.  May our Holy Spirit of no name cause the light of hope to shine about you and may our Holy Spirit grant you peace. 0=)  JC Angelcraft

Nymphs and Satyr

Nymphs and Satyr who refuses to take a bath oi on canvas *260 x 180 cm *signed b.l.: W-BOVGEREAV-1873 –




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