The 14 days of Saint Valentines: Poetry, Prayers and Musings by JC Angelcraft

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Saint Valentine: On Audrey Hepburn: “A women who I never knew in life nor seen or took interest in her career, life or movies while growing up has these last years captured my heart 24 years after her death – and as long as I live – we shall – remain inseparable” – and in metaphor bound forever spiritually betrothed to each other in our journey through time and space living inside and outside our planet carrying the ministry of heaven with us both in our hearts being one of mind one of purpose and one of support for the angelic race of souls and countless generations of Angels who live and reincarnate with us continually- JC Angelcraft

US National Gallery Digital Collection - Oil on Canvas - The Candle and Night Market Art Collection Belgium and Euromasters- Petrus Van Schendel 1806-1870 Belgica - Mercado de las Velas no. 64 a detail

To the woman I have yet to touch, to the woman I have yet to meet,  to the women I have yet to finish my life with – by JC Angelcraft

I can imagine her touch Her hands upon mine.  Her kind and gentle touch do I wait for not knowing nothing else in my life today than work and the hope of her embrace and solace.

I think of nothing else other being a good husband to her whom I have to meet, a good partner and a friend and having one in return in oh woman of my future,

I have known as it seems her wisdom and her eternalness is like no other and for my first wife she shall know my respect and admiration for such praise is worthy of a great Queen who I shall lend to my eternal support.

Yet, I know there is another woman in my future like the woman of my past a woman who is always there yet one whom I do not always know or recognize but an integral part of my past I know she is for we have lived what it seems forever,

I await her smile, her regularness her unwavering sense of being.

I await her dependency on my strength to be her harness to keep her always reassured of my love and my reassurance comes from her gentle touch, the look in her eyes and her soft sweet voice.

Together I see us swimming the waters of the nile and sailing upon the red sea,

I see us in so many thing attending countless of operas and ballets museums and children’s and animal events and keeping our children near us and raising them near pyramids and national monuments, in castles and palaces and working as volunteers in cities and anywhere we are needed and in rest, the many camping and skiing resorts that await after making sure our children get constant and sufficient exposure to people and places that do not have our privilege

Raising children in the way they should go is an eternal task that those reading here should take to heart be kind to those less fortunate and help to educate the unlearned every time you are born again.

In her mortal eyes do I see thy spirit, thy grace and thy great beauty and nothing can seperate us.   I am Bound with you in eternity and on earth by scripture am I bound thus with you.  I am bound with you in eternity on earth as it is in heaven blessed by so many good Angels yet  struggeling against our injured angels in denial of their sickness by which I am bound with you to heal through time and space.   Still bad learning has clouded their minds, bad raising has injured their hearts. So prejudice and still so stubborn and still learning how to exist and struggling they are to be truthful honest and humble these conspirators the few the lost the unlcean and lo I am also bound to judge them and pursue them through the processes of justice for the greater good.

They look to steal my love and look to pervert mankind and control this world without faces or their own beings.  I am bound to judge them as they have judged me and the world to their bidding.  I am bound to bring them daily to justice, these who daily murder the world  with lies continually using the thieves the liars and the men of the past – those of secret societies – who have been judged – to plague the world.   I am bound to judge them and persue them as they are to persue their own understanding.

I am bound by my love to save this world to bring it peace for longs as your grace will allow limited only by our stupidity and our pride of life of meanlingless and worless values that speak of God yet void of the Spirit-

I am bound for love to continue to pursue them to the ends of the world generation after generation.

I am bound by love to do these things and see these matters through.

As you look down from above here my prayers for them who parish daily and even them who repent.  To you,  I lift up all that I am that they might come to their senses before they hurt themselves even more, but they are bound by their sickness.

I am bound by reincarnation to meet them generation after generation till our reckoning is complete and our peace more satisfying.

Written by Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft World Crown at La Couronne Monde Château Versailles La Théocratie du Saint Esprit Place d’Armes,78000 France –


Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft is the author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have



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